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That’s the message i obtained from a friend of my own now. Seriously, I became beyond surprised yet not really though, to tell the truth. Having invested such amount of time in Costa Rica, I’m sure how some ladies these days is generally. My buddy confessed which he thought she was cheating a short while right back but he’s since changed their track to flat-out acknowledge which he believes she’s a nightwalker, telephone call girl, escort, whatever you wanna call it.

We believed sorry for my good friend and told him, don’t get worried bro, we are going to get to the bottom of the. Why don’t we meet for a beer and talk about it. (See screenshot below)

Later on that time we met within neighborhood club to suck down a number of drinks and look at things. Here’s what he told me.

Now, maintain circumstances quick we’ll share only what you ought to understand right here as there was plenty of extreme details and various other junk but we are friends that is certainly just what pals would. We let individuals vent due to their psychological well-being.

The Escort Girl Situation

My friend revealed a couple of things for me that really trigger causes which concur that she’s 100percent an escort.

In fact, I would ike to just take one step as well as concur that my pal with his gf live where I regularly live, Costa Rica. They actually reside close by Jaco Beach that’s my personal old stomping reasons. If you have not ever been to Jaco, you will need going one or more times! The area is breathtaking and
crawling with intercourse working women
. Anyway, we digress. Sorry about that, back again to the topic at hand…

Here is the content he delivered me:

Here You Will Find The facts…

My personal buddy makes decent money. I’m sure the guy does some betting thing down inside and ultimately experienced some medicine company when big pharma destroyed certainly their unique patents. In any event, he can make enough money on her not to must work but she however operates.

His gf states that she actually is a baby sitter for a super affluent ex-pat President in huge corp and images cash. The guy prints a great deal cash that she claims to get money $500 to $600 every day. Which is big money for babysitting everyday.

She was indeed sporting truly gorgeous clothing and undergarments every day. Per my buddy, the clothes had been just what she appreciated to put on and her employer didn’t have any preference for attire.

Their gf ended up being an
passionate Snapchat individual
and Instagram poster. This lady has a lot more than 10,000 fans and crazy opinions on the social media marketing records.

She works strange hours, occasionally through 12 AM and she claims it’s because the woman manager has actually business meals that go late in to the evening in which he demands the woman assistance seeing the infant although the child is sleeping at that moment.

Those will be the basic facts he in the beginning presented, he then struck me together with the huge one! I really couldn’t accept is as true when he provided that their Tica girlfriend had obtained a note with some one inquiring whenever she’s readily available and this anyone missed their. She responded that she was all booked which he would should seek the advice of additional girls.


He confronted her regarding what she stated it had been only some body inquiring about babysitting because she actually is delicious. That is a line of crap, I told my friend he’s a moron and she actually is pulling an easy one on him.

It turns out that she had been, in fact, an escort being hired for massage treatments and sex serves in your area. There is no infant to look at, no affluent boss, no belated dinners. Just their lining up Johns to bang for $500 every night while the woman gullible date stayed house jacking off.

We informed my personal pal to decrease this lady like an awful habit and proceed!

Here’s what you should be looking for if you feel you are gf is actually turning tricks behind your back.

Believe Me, It Really Is A Duck

The old stating goes, “whether it appears like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it’s a duck.” Believe me whenever I declare that this is exactly what she had been and I also can pledge that when your girlfriend outfits like an escort, if she will get messages that an escort would get, and it is on an outing late at night, after that she’s most likely an escort.

Do Not Get Jealous, Get Interested

Should your girlfriend begins acquiring a ton of random messages from individuals and begins parading herself around in intimate apparel along with other beautiful clothes, a good thing to-do is get interesting.

The worst thing you can do is get envious. I guarantee you these women (while not every one of them) tend to be smart adequate to hide circumstances as long as they think you’re catching to them.

When In Doubt, Call Her Out

Take a look, if you believe the Tica girlfriend is switching techniques and offering escort solutions for males within the neighborhood, then call their on it but merely achieve this when you have



If you’d like to check, here is what I’d focus on:

1. start out with a reverse contact number search. See if her mobile phone wide variety is connected with any escort advertisements which were published.

2. carry out a reverse picture search with certainly one of her hottest social media pictures. Bear in mind, she’s going to upload the woman hottest photo if any for the reason that it’s the way you offer yourself.

3. Do a reverse email look and look to see if any results populate being related to any escort site. You can actually get a hold of the girl about aggregator web sites. Just make sure that website isn’t a nearby site just in case therefore, be certain that it covers your neighborhood. Like, you simply won’t manage to find a Costa Rica escort on a Canadian escort site like
the LeoList

As soon as you figure out she’s a sex individual, stop the woman out and don’t allow her to come-back into your life. She is not worthwhile from the internet dating applications which exist nowadays nowadays. Trust me, this woman is replaceable.


That my friend finished up separating together with sweetheart and then heis no longer being required to give almost anything to the woman economically. Yes, it absolutely was a challenging split for him, but we assured him he’d turn out an improved individual as well as on the surface of the price. The first thing he did of spite was to hire among the women from the agency the guy sniffed completely that she works best for. He smashed the latest girl and
begun utilizing the sex software
that he could install.

It turns out that was the great thing that ever happened to him given that it opened up his existence and allowed him to take it straight back. I assume good things do result from hookers, my. lol. Remain thirsty my friends!

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