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Having a good mattress allows for a good sleep and a restful night. Thanks to good quality bedding, you will be able to keep a comfortable bed adapted to your physiology over several years. In addition, good mattresses for back pain will reduce the pain caused by sleeping too unsuitably, too hard, or too soft.

In this article, we allow you to find the best mattress for back pain among our 6 mattresses reviewed below. A short description and a detailed table of each of the products will allow you to find the disadvantages and positive points of each. On the other hand, thePremium Mattress Dream Repairis for us the Favorite of this article and you will discover the reasons. Comfortable, of good quality, it helps relieve back and lumbar pain for quality sleep and quiet and productive days.

Buying Guide

In addition to wanting to sleep well, imagine a mattress that gives you a feeling of comfort and ergonomic support that helps reduce your back pain. This is possible, and it can even be adapted according to your needs, your desires, your body, yourbed baseand according to your wallet. Indeed, nowadays, multiple mattresses exist to relieve pain related to bad positions or bad bedding at night. By choosing to take a better mattress, you avoid bad awakenings by being rusty or blocked, and having barely closed your eyes all night. Instead, you will be more rested and ready to attack the day, you will be happy to find a comfortable bed night after night and that helps to reduce your back pain.

Why do you need a mattress for back pain?

Pain caused by bad positions at night or by bad bedding is therefore reversible on the one hand by using good bedding and on the other hand with a healthy lifestyle. This is why it is interesting and even essential to have an anti back pain mattress to relieve yourself at first. You will be able to live a better daily life, better enjoy your days, and rest well at night. This without wasting your money on a bad ineffective product. Indeed, mattresses against back pain are made to keep your body in a more physiological position and this in all positions.

Your spine will be supported and will not sag. It will have fewer swivels, rotations and stay straighter.This prevents the muscles from working too much or staying in positions that will irritate them in the long term and cause chronic pain, as may be the case at work where many positions are maintained that are not very physiological for the joints and muscles. That is why they will be effective unlike a low-cost or low-quality bed. Read below the whole list of key points to know and choose the best mattress for back pain.


In this buying guide, we have studied mattresses and their components to find the points to look for sure and to find the best mattresses and according to your needs. We first looked at the dimensions of the mattresses and their material. Then, we looked at the total weight of the mattress and finally their guarantee to guide you in your choice. Then we invite you to read our results carefully. Happy reading, and happy buying!


First of all, the dimensions are important so as not to take a great mattress that would not suit your box spring. So you can already measure it if you do not know its size and then refer to mattresses at the right size. The standard size of a double bed is 140 x 190 cm, as PremiumMattress Dream Repair.

If you do not have a box spring yet, look at the dimensions of your room, and which bed would be suitable in the right place, also according to the linen you may already own.Thus, the mattress will adapt perfectly to the space and you will not have any unpleasant surprises. Back pain beds come in all sizes and it won’t be difficult for you to find one even larger than the standard size.


Regarding matter, you don’t have to be a chemist to understand what materials are and what they are used for. Already look at whether you prefer a firm or rather softmattress. In the first case, the firm mattress is suitable for taller or more corpulent people.

Firmness also gives a certain feeling of weightlessness, while softer mattresses sink us very slightly and envelop us. The firmness scale makes it possible to indicate up to 10 this characteristic, where at 7, the mattress is already quite firm.Mattresses can be latex, memory foam or even spring. Know that the technologies nowadays are all of good quality, and so look instead at the independent comfort zones that make up the mattress. We recommend a fairly firm mattress against back pain, such asDEWINNER Mattress. Memory foam also relieves pressure points with good support but gives more heat. Latex is more elastic with good ventilation and relieves smaller areas of the body (lumbar or shoulders). The pocket springs of the “combizone” type have different diameters for good support and optimal sleeping independence.


Regarding weight, orthopedic mattresses against back pain weigh around 20 kg, Emma Original Mattressfor example. If they weigh less, maybe they are thinner or of less good quality. If you take a very heavy mattress, be careful if you carry it or if you need to move. Also note that most mattresses come vacuum-packed and vacuum-rolled and require a day or more before returning to a suitable shape for you to sleep on.


For the warranty, do not go or even only the number of years on which it will be active. Also take a look at the conditions, because for sure, they will not be about wear but defects. Also keep your purchase ticket and anything they might ask you to get a refund on time. Brands offer trial nights which can be useful if you are not convinced of the product, but also always look at the conditions of this trial.

Research (FAQ)

Can a mattress relieve back pain?

A mattress does not replace a medical diagnosis, and acute or chronic back pain can occur as a result of other problems. But if your bedding is old and you feel like you’re adopting poor sleep postures, you can already act on one point. Then, by seeing a doctor who does not diagnose another health problem, and by following a healthy lifestyle, you could greatly improve this problem if your pain is due to it in large part. These mattresses relieve pressure points, properly distribute body weight and ensure good comfort and even provide orthopedic shape memory. This therefore contributes to better quality sleep.

Comment nettoyer correctement son matelas ?

In order to always have a hygienic sleep and a healthy environment, you can also take care of your mattress. This will prevent stains, odors, bacteria and other particles from decreasing the durability of the mattress. During cleaning, do not overwet the mattress but use a utensil such as a wet sponge. You can use soda crystals diluted in hot water to scrub and avoid stains, and rinse, and let air dry. You can also take dishwashing liquid, white vinegar or household alcohol, or ammonia for recalcitrant tasks and being protected. Against odors, use baking soda. And your mattress will be clean and last much longer.

The conclusion

Following this article, you can improve your quality of life and sleep by reducing all your back pain. For this, you can treat yourself to the best mattress for back pain and say goodbye to difficult nights and cut sleep. Our 6 best mattresses allow you to sleep on a good support with memory foam to keep your spine in a good position with enough firmness and comfortable sleep.

In addition, Our Coup de Coeur, Premium Mattress Dream Repair, has comfort zones to optimize your sleep. The Premium Choice, Emma Original Mattress, has several different foams for high-quality sleeping and our Best Value for Money, DEWINNER Mattress, allows good sleep even for people on a smaller budget. Your sleep is priceless, and by studying each mattress following our guide, you will be able to find yours and benefit from every high-quality criterion that back pain mattresses offer.

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