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It goes without saying that each vacuum cleaner is not worth another and that depending on the floor vacuum cleaners are more or less effective. So today we invite you to discover and understand how carpet vacuum cleaners work. Indeed, they do not clean in the same way as other vacuum cleaners. They will be very effective for your carpet if it is a floor that you have in your home. This is therefore important if your rooms have so-called “mixed” floors, with carpet, tiles or parquet and with fabrics or carpets.

The more versatile the vacuum cleaner, the more you will be able to use it on any type of floor in your home. We know that with carpeting, a simple sweep is very insufficient, even for carpets. Difficult to clean, dust and small debris, as well as animal hair are there. That’s why a highly effective carpet vacuum cleaner will simplify your household and make your floor look good.

Buying Guide

If you have carpet at home in one or more rooms, a carpet vacuum cleaner will be important and even essential to collect and catch all the dust in the fibers. For a very fast, easy and efficient cleaning, especially if you have carpet at home, you need a good appliance. The latter must be adapted to carpets to obtain a good result from the first vacuum cleaner. Often these vacuum cleaners contain a turbo-brush or a double position brush for easy cleaning. Otherwise you might be disappointed and you might get tired of vacuuming all the time having wasted your money. For good power, ease and grip, you need to know which is the right vacuum cleaner you need to have and which one will be perfectly suited for your carpet and even why not for other floors.

Why do you need a carpet vacuum cleaner?

You need to know the many criteria that a good carpet vacuum cleaner must have. All these points are crucial and are to be taken into account according to your need and the use you will make of them. There are vacuum cleaners for carpet sleds, compact type brooms, which are used with one hand, booster, robots and table. Their price, efficiency, use, power and filtration, as well as their lifespan will not be the same depending on the type of vacuum cleaner, brand and model. And you can quickly get lost in all these clings and indications.

You should then identify simply and easily with our guide what are important features. It will serve you to answer all your questions and so that you make your choice quickly and simply, and the right choice, by having all the keys in hand.Your money will be well spent, your cleaning fast and efficient and your vacuum cleaner will serve you for a long time thanks to our advice. It will remove all dust from carpet, hair, small and large debris and allergenic substances if it has a HEPA filter for example, to clean the outgoing air and retain all small particles.


To do this, we analyzed all the inherent characteristics of an excellent carpet vacuum cleaner. We present them to you just below and you will only have to refer to them to draw the best carpet vacuum cleaner. First of all, we know that for any type of carpet vacuum cleaner, dimensions are important. This allows you to take a vacuum cleaner adapted to your storage, your space and your home. Depending on your need, it will be more or less large. Then, the weight seemed important to us because it is tiring to vacuum and this is important if you have to carry it and if you do not like heavy and bulky vacuum cleaners. In addition, the vacuum cleaner’s capacity lets you know when it will be saturated with dust and when you will need to empty the container or filter to change it. The power of the vacuum cleaner is also the key point. You will know its performance regarding the suction and therefore concerning the result of the household on the carpet. Finally, the warranty is also a major element because it will be useful if you have a problem that can be treated and on time. So read our guide below that details each feature to learn more.


Dimensions vary from vacuum cleaner to vacuum cleaner. So, what are the best dimensions? These are the ones already adapted to the storage you can offer. In addition, if you want to use it as your main vacuum cleaner and you have a house or large rooms, or you need to vacuum several times a week, large models will be suitable. They are more robust, with bigger and more powerful engines and better capacity. However, there are smaller models such as broom vacuum cleaners that are even used with one hand and easier to carry upstairs for example, but with limited power and capacity, such asH.Koenig Cordless Straight Vacuum Cleaner. There are small automatic robot vacuum cleaners, tabletop vacuum cleaners, for the smallest needs.


Regarding weight, this will be important if you need to carry the vacuum cleaner upstairs or to take it out of storage, or if you have to drag it a long distance. Sled vacuum cleaners are heavier than others but some are quite light and weigh only a few kilograms.

Broom vacuums are perfect and lightweight, like robot and tabletop vacuums.


Regarding the capacity, you must measure if you will vacuum a lot of dust or hair, if you vacuum often or not. Indeed, the greater the capacity of the tank or filter, the less you will need to empty the vacuum cleaner or change the filter. For large houses and large families, a large capacity is required. This will prevent the vacuum cleaner from saturating too quickly, reducing its performance and damaging the motor if it is full. If you have an apartment, no pets and small rooms, a vacuum cleaner with a smaller capacity (under 5 liters) will suffice. Smaller models, likeeufy by Anker BoostIQ RoboVac, will need to be emptied and changed more often.


For power, each vacuum cleaner is different and you can be foreign to this kind of data. In Watts, the useful power varies between 150 and 400 in general and is the product of the vacuum that the vacuum cleaner makes in action with the air flow created in suction. The vacuum is expressed in kPa and must be between 25 and 40 for medium models, and shows the ability of the device to capture dust. The air flow, on the other hand, informs and informs about the volume of air drawn in per second or minute, and it measures on average between 30 and 50 liters per second.

The annual consumption of a vacuum cleaner should be below 62 kWh on average. Finally, the performance of the vacuum cleaner for carpets and carpets is rated from A to G, and must be at least 70% and for hard floors from A to G with 95% minimum.


The lifespan of a vacuum cleaner is not the same for everyone, and the warranty could help you if the vacuum cleaner fails or defects abnormally. Warranties range from 1 to 5 years and may indicate a good, more durable product, for exampleRowenta Power XXL. But look at what problems you will be covered by the warranty, because manufacturers can offer long warranties and extensions but that do not concern wear. Only a real problem can be refunded.

Research (FAQ)

How to clean a vacuum cleaner?

Cleaning your vacuum cleaner is simple, quite fast and must be done regularly. Thus, you will not have a problem and your vacuum cleaner will be robust and will last a long time. First, empty the container or change the bag when they are 3-quarters full. Beyond that, you will lose power and therefore time, and you could damage the motor seriously and shorten the life of your vacuum cleaner. Then, unplug the device. You can remove dust with a dry cloth. You can then wipe a damp cloth over the entire outer part of the vacuum cleaner and even inside where there is the bag or tank. You can pass over wires, tubes and pipes. Once dried, you can start the suction by detaching the brushes and passing them under the suction to remove dust. Finally, you can pass a disinfectant wipe everywhere around and on the wheels if necessary.

What type of vacuum cleaner is best for cleaning carpets?

When you have carpet or carpet, you can not throw yourself on the first vacuum cleaner come, nor on the cheapest, if on the more modern, because both could disappoint you and not be suitable for carpet or carpets. These floors are cleaned differently and must be mixed if you want to use them elsewhere in your home. A vacuum cleaner suitable for all floors will serve you all the time without taking the wrong vacuum cleaner with lots of brushes not serving anything. The turbo-brush will be your best ally especially if you have pet hair to suck up. Also, the double-position brush can help you if you have less bristles to vacuum on the carpet. Models brooms, sled, with and without bag and robots exist and will suck up all dust even on the carpet, so look at their descriptions and brushes as an accessory.

The conclusion

You now know how to choose the best carpet vacuum cleaner for your home and according to the use you want to make of it, and it’s not that difficult thanks to this guide. You even have some good examples among our 5 best products to make your choice quickly.

Know that Our Favorite, H. Koenig Cordless Straight Vacuum Cleaner, allows excellent carpet suction at a superb price for easy handling and practical cleaning. Our High-End Pick, eufy by Anker BoostIQ RoboVac, allows you to vacuum quickly and optimally by capturing all the dust lodged in the fibers of the carpet for an impeccable rendering. Our Best Value for Money, AmazonBasics Vacuum Cleaner with Bag, is perfect for those on a budget who want a good result on their carpet. So, vacuuming your carpet or your carpets will no longer be an ordeal, but a pleasure and it will be especially less tiring and faster, with a clean and healthy home in all rooms.

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