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Nowadays, vacuum cleaners are truly revolutionary. They have multiple functions, increased performance and suction power and good battery life. If you have a pet at home, you need to make sure that your vacuum cleaner will be strong enough and that it will hold up by sucking all the hair without damaging the engine and without releasing allergenic particles.

Having a pet at home like a cat or dog means adapting to a new cleaning. Indeed you must be sure to find hairs that will interfere in all rooms. If you do not want your home to be less clean, you must maintain a minimum of hygiene by taking care of the hair. With the right equipment, you can overcome it and avoid too much clutter. We analyzed 6 vacuum cleaners for animal hair including Notre Coup de Coeur, which is efficient, which eliminates all hair while being robust and convenient to use, for a well-adapted price.

Buying Guide

If you have animals, then you know what it is to dream of a miracle solution, for an optimal cleaning of your home and that fights against the hair of your companions. Indeed, despite the beautiful coat of the animals, you hate their hair that intrudes everywhere and spoils your interior, but you do not want to exhaust your energy with a vacuum cleaner that is not very powerful or bulky. So, if you have recognized yourself in this story, it is because you need a vacuum cleaner for animal hair and that this object will certainly intrigue and seduce you. It is known that hairs go everywhere and fly away and nest in every corner, even no surface is spared. Against this, you must arm yourself well and have a very good vacuum cleaner that will catch all the hair, will be practical and easy to use. Below, we explain why it is essential to have a suitable vacuum cleaner if you have pets. In addition, we show you our study on the characteristics that a vacuum cleaner must have to make it an excellent ally. You will not be lost in the different brands and will know which one to choose according to your needs.

Why do you need it pet hair vacuum cleaner?

Investing in this type of vacuum cleaner will be beneficial to simplify your household and save time without losing energy. Without effort you will remove all the animal hair housed everywhere, without staying in one place for a long time. You will keep a healthy, tidy and pretty home by removing all allergens and bacteria that cling to your companions’ hair.

The best pet vacuum cleaners allow you to catch all the hair thanks to their performance and to purify the air that comes out thanks to the filter. They often have a mechanized brush that is actually moving.She removes hair and thoroughly cleans all fabrics, carpets, carpets. If your pets do not like vacuum cleaners, you can take a rather quiet model, less than or equal to 70 dB. Specific vacuum cleaners for hair and pet hair can be designed both bagless, with bag. They can also be of different design such as those with brooms, sled, hand or robots. Some are more versatile than others (fabrics and floors) while others like robots will only make the floors and those with hand will be used over short distances on the floor and especially on fabrics.


To offer you the best products, we have stopped on different characteristics. We then identified those that are essential to make a pet hair vacuum cleaner your best friend when cleaning. Thus, it seemed important to us to consider the dimensions of the vacuum cleaner as well as its weight. Indeed, if you have a pet, you will take out your vacuum cleaner may be a little more often and do not want to clutter or hurt your back by taking it out or using it. In addition, so as not to annoy your animal friends too much, we looked at the sound level. Then, regarding the autonomy of the bag or dust bin, we found it relevant to look at the capacity of the vacuum cleaner. Finally, for optimal cleaning, we looked at its performance thanks to the power for easy and fast but effective cleaning, and the guarantee if your device has a problem.


A pet vacuum cleaner, Hoover TE80PET Sled Vacuum Cleanerfor example, may be standard size if it is sled type and you will use it for your entire home. It can measure 44.3 x 30.3 x 24.2 cm for example with a good capacity for a normal size house, with or without bag.

Then, if you want an extra vacuum cleaner for your pets instead, look at very compact robot vacuum cleaners for apartments, or hand vacuum cleaners.In between, there are broom vacuum cleaners, longer but still compact and cordless to vacuum everywhere. So look at the size of your storage for your vacuum cleaner and which type would suit you best.


Large home sled vacuum cleaners will be heavier, but with a good ability to change the bin less often. Small hand vacuum cleaners will be lightweight and can be used with one hand like broom vacuum cleaners, and for robot vacuum cleaners, likeLefant-M201 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, very small, you will not even have to wear them, because they work on their own.

Noise level

To avoid disturbing your loved ones or pets, look at models below 70 dB, which will be interesting. There are also ultra quiet and specific models for animals, such asRobot Vacuum Cleaner Lefant-M201, if you put the price though.


Standard size sled vacuum cleaners will have the most autonomy with a large capacity of about 3.5 L, for exampleHoover TE80PET Sled Vacuum Cleaner. However they are used on larger spaces or if you have a lot of hair to suck each time. Otherwise, broom vacuums have a smaller capacity for smaller spaces, or if you have less space. Finally, robot or hand vacuum cleaners will have a capacity of less than one liter, where you will have to change the bin more often.

So analyze the amount of hair according to the surface of your home to choose the type of device and its capacity.


Power is expressed in KPa or Watts. We advise you to take at least 400 W for power on a standard size device. It will then catch the lodged and deep hairs for a simple, effective and long-lasting cleaning.


Pay attention to manufacturers who indicate super guarantees. They sometimes say they provide a warranty over several years, but be careful because they concern only and often manufacturing defects, not wear and tear. Make sure you know the terms of the warranty announced, the number of years for which the parts will be available, and keep the purchase ticket or invoice at home if you have one, to request a refund if necessary.

Research (FAQ)

Which vacuum cleaner is best for dog hair?

It is well known that dog hair is a chore. There are everywhere, the day after cleaning and we never get rid of them. That’s why a good hair vacuum cleaner is necessary or indispensable. For this, you need 2 things: extreme power and a suction head with a mechanized brush. This turbo-brush or electro-brush, are moving accessories specially designed for pet peas to deeply clean fabrics. If they are self-detangling, for hair or long hair, it will be even more convenient for you and facilitate your household.

How to clean a vacuum cleaner?

To properly clean your vacuum cleaner and increase its lifespan, first make sure to empty the bag or bin regularly, and clean or change the filter as indicated (with water, by sucking dust with another vacuum cleaner, etc.). Change the bags to 3/4 of their total capacity to avoid any inconvenience. If the bag is washable, empty it and pass it in water or 30 ° C in the machine if possible and let it dry in the open air. Also clean the inside of the crate with a damp cloth and dry. Do not forget accessories, brushes (vacuum the brush too) and dry them. Also clean the outside of the vacuum cleaner and the wheels, and if necessary pass a disinfectant wipe on it, and let everything dry.

The conclusion

Now you know which one will be the best pet hair vacuum cleaner for you. We have offered different models, sled, broom, robot and hand so that you are interested in one of them according to your need. If you have pets, do not be afraid to spend the household too often and waste time thanks to these ergonomic, practical and efficient devices.

Our Favorite, Hoover TE80PET Sled Vacuum Cleaner, is perfect if you want a sled vacuum cleaner for animals and you have a large surface or a lot of hair. Then, our Premium Pick, BISSELL SmartClean Pet, will delight you with its simple use, easy storage and lightweight to be out in a minute. Finally, our Best Value for Money, BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser, will be perfect for a second home vacuum cleaner on fabrics and small surfaces to leave no hair. The latter two are wireless and with battery for more freedom of movement.

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