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Whether in apartments, student studios or motorhomes, the need to eat is more than obvious, which can lead to overconsumption of energy if you use gas hobs, more traditional. This is why it is essential to equip yourself with less energy-consuming devices such as the induction hob. To allow you to choose the best portable induction hob, we offer a selection of the most popular models on the market. It depends on the material, the power, the dimensions… that we have proposed this selection. Thanks to our dedicated guide, you will also be able to choose a posable or portable induction hob by yourself and without committing odds.

Buying Guide

Portable induction cooktops allow you to cook or keep food warm almost anywhere you can find a plug: the dormitory, a campervan or the potluck dining table. A good induction cooktop should cook your food evenly. The settings must be intuitive to offer a certain user-friendliness.


After more than 60 hours of research and testing, we are convinced that theKlarstein InnoChefis the best portable induction cooktop. This is the best in this field and that’s why we chose it as our favorite choice. This moderately priced model heats up quickly and cooks more evenly than its competitors. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to choose between 10 power modes for general cooking and 10 temperature modes for specific tasks such as frying.

Anyway, it should be emphasized that choosing the best portable induction hob is not an easy thing. To achieve this, you must refer to some criteria that we will list below.

Among the criteria to consider when choosing a portable cooktop are dimensions, power, material, ease of maintenance, features, etc.

Glass-ceramic table or induction table

Portable induction tables: these are the latest to appear on the market. They represent the most innovative cooking technology, with a lot of advantages. One of its first advantages is its security. During the operation of the device, the table is cold and only the container heats up.

An electric plate diffuses the heat produced not via a cast iron fireplace, but through a radiant or halogen system.

In addition, there is speed, since there is an almost immediate rise in temperature. As food takes less time to cook, the possibility of achieving significant energy savings is à la carte. In addition, portable induction hobs are known to offer very precise cooking, offering many features like simmering to keep food warmer. The problem with these models is that they work with adapted pans, so it is essential to invest in new pans.

The operation of the induction is based on a magnetic field that is activated in contact with the metal of the container. If the pot is removed, the device turns off automatically. This was visible with theKLARSTEIN VariCook portable induction hob. However, it will be necessary that the pot used is not ferromagnetic.

Glass-ceramic plates: as for these models, their operation is based on an electric plate by diffusing the heat produced not via a cast iron fireplace, but thanks to a radiant or halogen system. This is what gives greater safety to induction plates. Unlike radiant fireplaces, induction cooking zones do not directly heat glass-ceramic glass.

It is only the bottom of the container that heats it. In this case, the glass does not rise high in temperature and cools quite quickly. And in this case, it can be quite difficult to achieve energy savings.


The dimensions of a portable induction hob is also an element on which to base when choosing such a device. In this case, it is more a question of flush-mounting dimensions. For most models, we find the standard flush-mounts. Their dimension is 56 cm wide and 49 cm deep. Which measurements correspond to the size of the cut in the worktop and not to the internal dimensions of the plate. Note that the size of glass is different from one plate to another. However, it is essential to take into account the width of the glass if you want to put your plate against a wall or furniture.

Manufacturing material

Ceramic hobs are easy to maintain with a sponge stroke.

The type of material chosen for a portable induction hob will guarantee its durability. This type of device can be made from 5 distinct materials. These include stainless steel, glass, cast iron or glass-ceramic.

The stainless steel induction hob is in principle easy to maintain. Because of its always impeccable finishes, but also for its resistant character, this material is the preferred choice of many professionals. It will find its place in both modern interiors and vintage decors.

As for the enamel, it is a great classic of the hob. It is most often found on gas hobs. Glass remains the material of choice for induction plates. As the surface is smooth, cleaning will be done in record time, in a single sponge stroke in the same way as glass-ceramic plates. A good example is theTefal IH induction hob 210801. Cast iron combines resistance and authenticity. It stands as a high-end material, which, however, knows a fairly long cooling time.

Security system

For safe use, even when you have children at home, the induction hob can incorporate many high-performance safety options. One of the best known, the anti-overheating function. With this option, the device switches off automatically if, for example, an empty pan is forgotten on the glass-ceramic fireplace. This argument is illustrated with theAobosi induction hob.

Another safety feature is the waste heat indicator. Once the fireplace is off, the light comes on when the temperature is still above 60°C. Some plates are equipped with an anti-overflow function that allows the table to be deactivated in case of overflow on the control keypad. Just like the Duxtop induction hob, the plates can also benefit from a child safety that avoids the untimely commissioning of the glass-ceramichob.

Number of households

A two-focus induction hob can be used for a family or a couple.

The number of fireplaces refers to the spaces on which it is possible to put a kitchen utensil, whether pans or pots. While some plates have only one focus, others have two, three or four. We are talking about induction hob 2 or more fires. For models with a single light, you must make sure that it is large enough, otherwise it will not work well. It should also be noted that they are particularly suitable for single or occasional use. And this, unlike a two-focus induction hob, which can be used for a family or a couple. So you understand that choosing the number of fires for a plate depends on the needs of the user and the number of people to feed.


Power is not the first criterion on which one relies when buying a portable induction hob. You don’t have to focus on that, but only on other aspects such as size, number of fireplaces and special features. Whatever the power you opt for, it is according to your settings and the type of food to be prepared that your cooking will be fast. That said, there are devices ranging from a power of 2000 to 3500 watts. These devices usually have 8 or 10 power settings.

The higher the power, the faster your cooking will be, but the more important your energy consumption will be. It is therefore essential to play the team card. An induction hob likeAMZCHEFwill be able to cook your food quickly, while saving you energy.

Heating options

Power settings on an induction burner are intuitive and easy to use.

We looked for induction burners that offered a range of heat settings so they could maintain a low simmer while staying very hot to boil water quickly. Having the ability to switch between power levels and specific temperatures was also important in our decision: if you are familiar with gas or electric burners, you will probably be more comfortable with power settings on an induction burner, but having the option to choose fixed temperatures is handy when you need to maintain a specific temperature, Like when you’re frying.


Another element that is essential to consider when choosing a portable induction hob is stability. Working with hot pans can be dangerous, so it is important to have a stable unit with a large weight and rubber feet. All the induction burners we tested had feet that prevented them from slipping. However, make sure your countertop is clean before using your burner: greasy countertops can make safer units less stable and prone to slipping.

Easy cleaning

One of the advantages of induction burners over gas burners or electric coils is that they are easier to wipe because they usually consist of a smooth surface. It is important to look for models with minimal grooves and crevices where food and grease could accumulate easily. Ideally, opt for burners with a glass-ceramic top.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best material for an induction hob?

The induction hob can be made from several materials. These include stainless steel, glass, cast iron or glass-ceramic. The stainless steel induction hob is in principle solid, durable and above all easy to maintain. Because of its always impeccable finishes, but also for its resistant character, this material is the preferred choice of many professionals. Stainless steel induction plates will find their place in both modern interiors and vintage decors.

What are the differences between induction and a resistance process?

You should know that induction offers more advantages than a simple resistance. Note that the first solution is less energy-consuming, which is not the case for an induction table. It is also more secure, thanks to its many anti-overheating functions, child safety, automatic locking … During use, when you change the power, induction hobs can also offer the advantage of being responsive and quickly heating the cooktop inversely to a more traditional electric table. This is an ideal choice for professional cooks who are more likely to play with time. Finally, on the maintenance side, the induction hob allows easy maintenance, since its surface does not reach extreme heat like resistance systems.

What is boost mode on induction hobs?

More and more, we find induction hobs with aboost function. What does this mean exactly? Nothing too complicated. As the name suggests, this mode boosts or optimizes the power of the indicators to make cooking faster. Most of the products in this comparison benefit from this feature. But if you use a two-focus model, be aware that you will not be able to use it simultaneously on both lights.

What is the energy consumption of an induction hob?

He wishes to inform that at the same temperature, induction hobs generally consume less energy than electric plates, which require resistors to heat. However, energy consumption can go from single to double on some induction appliances, especially if you useboost mode duringcooking. The energy consumption level of a

induction cooking


strongly depends on its power which most often varies from 2000 to 3000 watts. This power tells you the consumption of your electric plate for an hour. In other words, by using a 2000 Watt plate at full power for an hour, know that you are consuming 2000 watts.


Our choice was based on criteria such as power, dimensions, size, number of lights, options, etc. These different elements have been detailed in our dedicated buying guide, always to help you choose a device adapted to your needs. We hope you have succeeded. Otherwise, you can trust us entirely and choose one of the models in this comparison.

As your need was to know what is the best portable induction hob, we thought of offering you a complete guide that we hope has been useful to you. TheKlarstein InnoChefinduction hob was selected as our favorite choice. Its power of 3400, its 10 power and temperature settings as well as its two fireplaces, will allow you to make Dishes 2

All in precision, but especially for a whole family. If you are looking for a multifunction model with intuitive ease of use, the theDuxtopwill be an ideal choice for you. If you want an ultra-powerful plate, opt for the KLARSTEIN VariCook Slim, the high-performance model with 2 lights for use as a family or couple.

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