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In order to enjoy a moment of calm and a relaxing and stimulating activity at the creative level, you can spend a real moment of fullness by buying a reading cushion. They are specially designed to make your installation optimal, when you want to read for a while. So you will feel comfortable for a long time and will not have your neck or arms stretched out in uncomfortable or impossible positions.

We have gathered the 6 best reading cushions for bed with or without armrests. The back reading cushions are described with their strengths and weaknesses so that you find the best reading cushion. Then, a buying guide details the right materials and weights, as well as the right dimensions and warranties, to find an excellent reading cushion for you. You won’t be leaving it anymore and won’t regret your purchase anytime soon.

Buying Guide

To enjoy reading sessions even more enjoyable than usual, you can start buying a reading cushion. You will be immersed in your book without having back or arm pain. The cushion allows you to relax and it is increasingly used because it allows you to be well installed without the need to buy a reading chair. So you save money while sitting well. They are compact, lightweight and can be carried anywhere. Several very useful models exist but are not suitable for everyone. But the diversity of these cushions makes it possible to find the one we are looking for and that will be adapted to our posture to relax a specific part of the body: the neck, back or arms, or they can even release them all at once.

Why do you need a reading cushion?

If you like to enjoy your books, tablets, screens or e-readers, reading cushions are products suitable for prolonged sitting or lying down by reducing pressure points and therefore muscle tension that could accumulate on hard or uncomfortable furniture. You will enjoy reading your books more or all your sitting activities, such as telecommuting, game console, etc.

The back of the cushion allows a more physiological support of the back with a better alignment of all the joints. You will reduce neck and back pressure and can also relax your elbow on the handrests if the cushion has them. You can use it in bed, on the couch, while traveling and even on your seat. As they are compact, they can really be used anywhere, even on vacation or at work, to improve your daily life and your feeling of relaxation.

But since they are not all equal, we show you all the possible perspectives of the cushions so that you choose the best features of each of them, in order to determine your best reading cushion.


Several models of cushions are present on the market. They therefore have different materials, dimensions, weights, shapes and guarantees. It is therefore necessary to study each of its points to highlight the most advantageous criteria and adapted to your needs, which will allow you to find the best cushion for you.


The filling of the cushion can be made of memory foam, for optimal comfort and a cushion that takes its shape well and reduces pressure with each use, they are more expensive but very pleasant. These memory foam flakes are more breathable and flexible for more softness. Those made of polyester fiber are cheaper, quite comfortable but need to be padded enough to hold you well. The fabric of the cover can be synthetic (microfiber) or natural fiber, such as cotton. It must be preferentially removable, and washable (the best would be in the machine). You will gain in terms of hygiene. You can add another protection to improve the longevity of your cushion.


For dimensions, you must choose the model or shape of cushion you prefer (see below). The largest are those with full seat and armrests so are less convenient to take. The smaller ones are rectangular, like small cushions for sleeping. Tilted cushions have a medium size and inflatable ones are very compact. The cushion must adapt to the chosen position: inclined to be more or less semi-sitting, enveloping to be seated, rectangular to be more elongated or almost elongated.


The weight must be sufficient for your cushion to have some support without it giving way under the weight of your back. It should be between 300 g up to 900 g for the largest cushions. Underneath, check that it is a very small cushion so as not to risk having an ineffective or little padding present. If you want to take it with you, take a cushion around 500 g or an airbag that will be very light once emptied of air.


There are, for example, triangular cushions, with a tilt and triangle visible on each side of the cushion. They can be used for semi-sitting positions and even in bed, so for sleeping too. They reduce back pain and help improve sleep in the case of reflux or acidity of the stomach. Cushions with more inclination allow you to be a real backrest or sitting to read or sit for a long time by resting your back. Those with armrests fully hug the surface of your back and you can rest your arms on them. You can even rest your neck and they are very comfortable, but less compact and practical. There are slender cushions, such asbolsters, which can also be used as a backrest or seat, or which are used to put the book or tablet in question, and can be taken anywhere.


Reading cushions can be guaranteed generally 1 year. Look at the type of warranty given by the brand, for example if you have a problem finishing or sewing the cover, or if you receive the item with holes or in poor condition. With the invoice, you can benefit from a return or refund depending on the case, within 1 month or more (for those without additional warranty), and sometimes up to 2 years. But take great care of your cushion because wear and tear almost never comes into account for warranties.

Research (FAQ)

How to clean a reading cushion?

Most reading cushions have a removable and washable cover by hand or machine at 40°C. So follow the instructions according to the type of fabric. For drying, depending on the fabric, use a dryer or spread it on a thread or inside. Otherwise, remove the stain with a damp sponge or cloth impregnated with appropriate stain remover or detergent, then rinse with another damp cloth, and dry or let it air dry, avoiding direct sun exposure. You will not damage the fabric or the central foam because of great heat. Once dry, you can reuse the cushion. Most removable covers have a slide to be removed.

How else can you use this cushion?

This cushion is then used to read. So you can place it on your lumbar once seated or in the center of the back if it is a small cushion, and you can also work or sit for a long time. You can also use it in a lying position, under the back or under the neck, such as for the reclined cushion, once you are on your couch or in bed, to read or watch screens. Cushions with armrests are ideal for sitting positions as well, and are perfect for telecommuting. You can also use them in the office, on vacation, during your long trips. The small rectangular cushions also allow you to put the book or tablet on your legs, through them. Sometimes they are also useful during rehabilitation or home care to alleviate pain and bad postures.

The conclusion

Your best reading cushion can therefore accompany you in any activity sitting, semi-sitting or lying down. They can be reclined, they can be full seats with armrests, airbags or small rectangular or oval cushions arranged in your back or neck as needed.Our 6 cushions allow you to select your favorite. Our favorite exceptional Back Cushion is composed of flexible polyurethane foam, is quite firm and is inclined. Our PremiumHusband PillowPick contains memory foam, headrests and armrests for a very comfortable seat. Our Best Value for Money XL Inclined cushion for living room and the bedroom has a good density of 20kg/m3 and is tilted to read your book in a relaxed way. As you will have understood, each cushion has very interesting advantages and can have a use declined in several ways. They will reduce the pain associated with prolonged sitting or lying down, and are also used in rehabilitation, labor, and travel.

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