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It’s only been a while since the steam vacuum cleaner began to appear. This vacuum cleaner effectively cleans your home using steam. Solid and efficient, using them greatly simplifies your household. However, choosing them and finding a good device at a good price is a bit more complicated. But since they are very useful and allow optimal and faster cleaning, our article can help you select the best steam vacuum cleaner for you.

It will be very useful to clean all your floors up to twice as fast while being less tired. When cleaning without this device, you vacuum, and in a second time, you have the floor to remove stains. Your steam vacuum cleaner will perform both steps at once. Our Favorite in this article is the Rowenta vacuum cleaner, named the Rowenta Clean & Steam Steam Cleaner RY7557WH. Useful and well-designed, it has quality materials and significantly superior advantages over other models.

Buying Guide

This revolutionary device seems to be a great ally for your household. It would simplify it and make it quick and convenient. This vacuum cleaner could also use tap water without the need to put the detergent. And it would sanitize your home in one hand to remove bacteria, in a single pass. But not all of these devices are created equal, and some are much more useful than others. These steam vacuum cleaners have more or less great or reduced powers, accessories and uses. If you need versatility, you will have to be careful about your choice. The same applies if you need a large vacuum cleaner for large areas or a rather efficient device for recalcitrant parts. You must also analyze the type of rooms in your home that would be useful to you.

Why do you need a steam vacuum cleaner?

There are so many possibilities available to you with these new appliances to make your household fast, healthy and efficient. When looking for the right device for your needs, the steam cleaner may be of great interest to you. Versatile, it can clean your home floor to ceiling. In addition, you can find a multitude of them because many models have been put on the market. That’s why we’ve created this buying guide to help you choose the best new device. You will know how to consider the advantages and negatives of each product. Many benefits will make you want to get this steam vacuum cleaner. Indeed, no chemicals are needed when using it for a sanitized home without toxic products.

The steam vacuum cleaner therefore works with hot water. This water is instantly transformed into steam after a few seconds of ignition and without the addition of household detergent. This product is also useful for cleaning hard floors and even windows depending on the model.Others are even more versatile and they can clean all carpets and carpets. However, you should not use them on the wood so as not to deform or damage it. Broom-type steam cleaners are for floors, and some are multitasking. Be aware that the prices of a broom are higher than small hand steam vacuum cleaners. The most expensive are sled steam vacuum cleaners. To help you in your search and in your choice, we have dissected all the characteristics of a good steam vacuum cleaner. Thus, you will know the difference between the different models and will know how to find the one that seems the best to you.


In the study of the products, we found some essential characteristics for a good 2-in-1 steam vacuum cleaner. To begin with, it must have a good capacity so that it can be used easily and for a long time. Then, its dimensions are important to know how to store it and if it can be used simply. Its weight is also a good indication of its robustness and ease of use. Then its power will indicate its level of effectiveness when cleaning. The length of the cable will allow you to learn more about its autonomy for small or large rooms. Finally, its warranty will allow you to know until when you can replace it, repair it, and why.


There are several points to consider at the tank level depending on the capacity of the device. A large capacity will be less complicated to use because you will have to fill the water tank less often. You will waste less time waiting for the water to heat up and changing the water if you have large rooms or a large cleaning to do.

If the water tank is removable it will also be more convenient for you when recharging water.


So look at the dimensions of the tank, but not only. Depending on your storage and the space you have, look at the size of the device. However, steam vacuum cleaners are easily stored in length and take up little space. These types of products take up no more space than a standard vacuum cleaner. But look, if you want to keep your old vacuum cleaner, if you will have enough storage.


The weight of a steam vacuum cleaner will often be between 2 and 10 kilograms, such asBISSELL Vac&Steam Titanium. The heavier it is, the less easy it will be to use and the bigger it will be. Small appliances will be preferred for apartments.

Be careful if you also need to climb stairs with a heavy vacuum cleaner.


The power will allow you to have an indication of the effectiveness of the steam cleaner at home. Its power influences the pressure and the resulting steam flow and this can vary according to each vacuum cleaner model. The pressure is expressed in bar and represents the force of the steam to dislodge dirt. A good pressure will be between 3.2 and 6 bar. The flow rate shows how quickly a quantity of steam comes out, in grams/minute, ranging from 70 grams/minute for a weak floor, and up to 150 grams/minute for tiles. The power is expressed in watts and it is better that it is between 1100 and 1500 Watts, BLACK + DECKER FSMH1351SM-QS Steam Broomfor example.


Each device can be plugged into the mains. That is why the length of the wire is also very important. This will show you the reach you will have in each room with your steam vacuum cleaner. However, if it is too short, you can set up a wire extension to have better mobility without the need to unplug and reconnect everything each time.


Certains aspirateurs sont garantis 2 ans environ, Rowenta Clean & Steam Nettoyeur Vapeur RY7557WH par exemple. Mais regardez bien les modalités de garanties. Cela ne concernera pas l’usure dans l’extrême majorité des cas. En effet, la garantie sera pour les défauts de fabrication déjà présents lorsque vous recevez l’aspirateur. Si vous voulez faire marcher la garantie, gardez bien votre facture et la date jusqu’à laquelle cette dernière est valide pour ne pas perdre votre argent. Une garantie est donc importante à connaître mais pas essentielle si vous n’en avez pas, car les aspirateurs seront robustes et tiendront bien souvent plus longtemps que la garantie.

La recherche (FAQ)

Comment nettoyer un aspirateur vapeur?

Pour que votre aspirateur vapeur continue reste efficace et propre pendant votre nettoyage, vous devez aussi en prendre soin et lui assurer une bonne durée de vie. Son entretien est donc primordial est très important. En effet, cet appareil utilise de la vapeur et cela engendre un problème, le dépôt de calcaire. L’eau durcit en effet sous les fortes chaleurs et laisse des minéraux en s’évaporant. Cela sera encore plus spectaculaire si votre eau de robinet est calcaire. Mais vous pouvez limiter sa formation et augmenter votre temps d’utilisation. Par ailleurs, une cuve en inox ou avec un bon revêtement sera préférable pour éviter le tartre à l’intérieur. Ensuite, vous pouvez utiliser du vinaigre blanc après quelques utilisations, et de l’eau tiède, en les mélangeant dans la cuve, en ayant débranché. Vous pouvez laisser agir plusieurs heures en rinçant ensuite à l’eau et en séchant la cuve avec chiffon doux. Vous pouvez aussi utiliser un liquide anticalcaire biodégradable ou un adoucisseur d’eau.

How to use a steam vacuum cleaner?

Don’t worry, it’s not complicated to use a steam vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner is an innovation by combining water vapor and suction, and remains easy to use. Several steps are necessary when starting it for optimal use. You will first pour water into the tank tank when your device is unplugged and put it back in the vacuum cleaner. Then, you can plug in the cleaner, turn it on, and wait for the number of seconds or minutes needed until the heating is complete. When this is done, you can put down the cleaning head. You can start using it by adjusting the suction or steam if needed. You can use them for some even for windows, carpets, tiles, carpets, parquet floors and mattresses. Refer to the instructions for use for this and enjoy the best steam cleaning.

The conclusion

Thus, we have presented you 5 products that will allow you to find the best steam vacuum cleaner. A simplified use for a maximized household, without residual stain and having sanitized your entire interior. The power of the steam reduces almost 100% the number of bacteria or microbes from your home on your floor. They have tanks to be filled with tap water and are used after a heating time. Our favoriteRowenta Clean & Steam Steam Cleaner RY7557WHensures the best cleanliness and durability of use. Our PremiumChoice Rowenta Clean & Steam Multi Steam Cleaner 2 in 1 RY8544W ensures maximum cleaning experience. Finally, our Best Value for Money Di4 Steamclean Steam Cleaner Multi10 allows you to invest in a good steam vacuum cleaner at a lower stroke. Some may have large tanks and others smaller ones depending on your needs, and their power will also vary as well. But your cleaning will be faster and even more efficient than with your 2 passes because it will be carried out in 1 single pass.

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